Meet EFNpro – the creative pro’s weapon against soul-sucking admin work!

EFNpro is a contract management system where you can:

- Build contracts in a flash by answering simple prompts
- Send for review and secure e-signature with one click
- Manage your contracts on a dashboard that won’t have you searching
- Track deliverables, invoicing and milestones

Until now we’ve been using contract templates we found online or paid a lawyer to draft. Now you have a trusted, secure and simple way of building customized contracts and managing them.

Created by our founder Howard, who is an industrial designer, EFNpro is tailored specifically for creative professionals. It is the simplest way to save time and professionalize your business.

  • Build
  • Send
  • Invoice
  • You
  • Plans & Pricing

    Essentials Version

    $24.99/month for annual subcription

    Made for freelancers and small agencies who need client contracts

    8 contracts/month included*

    Secure e-signature

    Easy to use contract builder that features lawyer-approved terms and conditions

    Client address book

    Simple interface for your clients to review, request changes and approve contracts

    Helpdesk support

    Professional Version

    $99.99/month for annual subscription

    Made for professionals and companies who need client and subcontractor contracts

    36 contracts/month included*

    Secure e-signature

    Easy to use contract builder that features lawyer-approvedterms and conditions

    Client and subcontractor address books

    Simple interface for your clients and subcontractors to review, request changes and approve contracts

    Helpdesk support

    *additional contracts over the limit are $3.50 per contract, and will be billed at the time you send a contract for review. Credit is only used when the contract is signed.

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    Welcome to being an EFNpro

    Pros have great contracts, but until now we’ve all been using contract templates we either found online or paid a lawyer to draft

    Yes, EFNpro has a great contract template designed specifically for creative pros, developed by a lawyer. But it offers you way more!

       •Build custom contracts for each project by answering simple prompts.
       •Send contracts for review or for secure sign off with one click
       •Access all your contracts on your dashboard
       •Easily track project progress and billing

    Contract management shouldn’t be difficult. EFNpro rescues you from tedious paperwork.

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    Clients are demanding more with tighter deadlines. When the pressure is on, it’s difficult to carve out the time it takes to document and professionalize your projects.
    This opens the door to clients having different expectations on what you’re going to deliver or when you should be paid. Which then sparks the soul-sucking back and forth of emails and phone calls.

    We knew we could help.

    We’re designers, tech junkies and small business vanguards. We’ve built an easy-to-use tool to create contracts that help prevent disruptions and protect you and your work.
    EFNpro allows you to focus more on the work that you love, and less on administrative tasks.


    Helping creative professionals
    be successful

    Howard is the visionary force behind EFNpro. During his 20-year career as an industrial designer and entrepreneur he’s built a career on being a technology nerd who converts ideas into exceptional user experiences.
    Howard's first-hand experience with the frustrations and challenges designers and marketers face motivated him to find a way to support his community. Looking at what was and wasn’t available, Howard saw an opportunity to develop an easy-to-use contract tool built specifically for the design and marketing community.
    Howard sees helping the community streamline and professionalize their business as a personal and professional passion. By starting EFNpro, his goal is to keep finding ways to leverage technology for the benefit of other designers and creatives like him.

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    EFNpro support is available through our Discord channel. Post your question to the forum and we’ll respond as soon as possible during business hours (9am,5pm MT). Replies outside of business hours may not get a response until the following business day.

    If you haven’t joined our Discord, you can email us at, however our response time through email may not be as quick.

    Your annual Essentials subscription includes 8 contracts per month. The annual Professional subscription includes 36 contracts per month. If you go over that limit, each additional contract will cost $3.50 and will be billed at the time you send a contract for review. The credit is only used when the contract is signed.

    As a web-based application, all you need is an internet connection. EFNpro works on all browsers but your experience from one browser to another may differ depending on build and third party addons. EFNpro is best viewed on a desktop or laptop and the extra screen space is a benefit when you are building contracts.

    At EFNpro, safeguarding your information is our top priority. We employ advanced encryption protocols and stringent security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.
    - Secure Data Handling: We use industry-standard encryption techniques to protect your personal and client information. This ensures that all data, including billing details, is transmitted and stored securely.
    - Compliance with Regulations: Our practices are aligned with privacy regulations and industry best practices. This includes compliance with data protection laws and maintaining a high standard of security.
    - Access Control: We implement strict access controls to limit who can view or modify sensitive information. Only authorized personnel have access, and even then, only to the extent required for their role.
    - Secure Billing with Stripe: For billing, we utilize Stripe, a trusted and globally recognized payment processor. This means your billing information is handled by a service known for its robust security standards. We never store full credit card numbers on our servers.
    Rest assured, your privacy and security are of paramount importance to us. If you have any specific concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to our support team.

    Our tech nerds designed EFNpro using the most up to date technology and practices to secure your transactions. In non-tech talk, that means we've used solid systems and processes to ensure EFNpro is there when you need it. It also means we built a platform that is futureproofed and ready to integrate useful innovations as they emerge.

    But, things happen, so our system is designed to keep your data safe, secure and backed up if there's an interruption in service.

    You can update all of your information in EFNpro. The Profile page is where you can adjust your account information, and you can update your payment information through the Billing page where you will be taken to Stripe, our payment processing agent.

    EFNpro is available in Canada, except for Quebec.

    We at EFNpro have no clue and unfortunately did not make it beyond the rope bridge on our quest.